When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Karazzee

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How's this for opening lines?
We'd like to blow your minds
By telling you everything's gonna be fine
We'd like to blow your minds
Pick up the pieces and see what we find
Just don't mention tomorrow
I'll deal with that later
Don't say yesterday
Let's leave that to the haters
Whatever color the sky is fine by me
Whenever the sun rises is fine by me
But when the going gets tough
Then the tough get karazzee
Yeah, let them huff
And let them puff
'Cause it doesn't fuckin' phase me
Some people take what they can get
And some people take what they are given

Some people do what they wanna do
And some people just keep on wishing
Some people say that life's a bitch
But I prefer to think that it's bitchin'
I don't look for answers, I just take my chances
I think I feel like dancing
'Cause if this don't make you move
Then nothing will
'Cause you can learn a lot from sunshine
You can learn a lot from rain
Cutting through the afternoon blue sky
Yeah, you can learn a lot from taking your chances, pants off
You could learn a lot of things
From a lot of things really
But if you wanna know the truth
If you wanna know why
The just go up on the roof
And stare at the sky

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