Iggy Azalea

Best Friend

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[Hook: Iggy Azalea]
A bitch and her best friend
Go to the club, party every weekend
Get in for free cause she know she a freak, yeah
She a freak, yeah
She know she a freak, yeah

[Verse 1: B.o.B]
Popping, popping, popping tags, always with a shopping bag
She go to Clark Atlanta but she always hopping class
All-star weekend, she be where the lobby is
Looking for that slap stick, all she need is hockey pads
She just be scrambling, looking I did be clean
Tossing that box like shifting and handling
She be going, yeah, she be doing anything
Natural, stage jumpin off, she a trampoline
Straight, straight boinking this bitch
I'm 'bout my head, flip up coin in this bitch
She brought her overnight bag and his fendy
She wanted Benihanas but she settled for some settle for some Denny's


[Verse 2: Iggy Azalea]
Red bottom ass heels on
Hair laid, it's fly shit
Twerk something, I might let you through
But don’t touch nothing, that’s my shit
Oh that’s cute, same outfit
Different color, same swag
She jumping off when she leave the club
Body spray in her Gucci bag
Pole going ass ho
You and your main bitch front row
Hoes lined up outside
Wanna shake that ass at my show
Let me tell you something you don’t know
On my neck and wrists is trap gold
My ass fitted in Levi
Swag so rodeo
It’s bitches in the building and it’s bitches on the couch
She tidy up her best friend, before she leave that house
She got her best friend, that's a freak bitch
A freak bitch, tickets to my concerts on her wishlist


[Verse 3: Mac Miller]
B.Y.O.B, bring your own bitch
She don’t sleep, she smoke trees
No boyfriend, got cold feet
Low key, she’s so sweet
Just lonely, but so freaky
Acting wild like ho please
Fly around, I go deep
She don’t creep, I f*** hoes
She cool with that, she love those
It’s funk so her gusto
If not so she one of those
Til it’s come close, gotta love Jones
What’s under your clothes I wanna know
Her ass huge, her back screwed up
With a bunch of bad tattoos
Me she make an exception but she usually f*** black dudes
My cashews all in her mouth
In the club, more than her house
Come through, she might the loud
Go animal like in and out
Threesome, I need some
My hose is European, Norwegian, Puerto Rican, even some vegan