Doomsday Inside My Head

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The stars are lined up, the moons are gone insane
Better pass by this day by smoking cremains
Too many thoughts spent upon suckling fools
I Reach inside and tear out my guts
So I can throw them at you

Doomsday inside my head

The herding of the sheep like lemmings to the sea
Your laws are shit to me through all your lies I see
You make me sick
I just can't handle this, I could just crack inside
Instead I'll struck you blind

Doomsday inside my head

Doomsday inside my head

Freedom from skin...
Doors of death open realms that stagger
Serrated biss domination
Fuck God fuck the devil and fuck fuck fuck fuck you...
Subhuman spasms chew reason from bone...
I rise maddened and your laughing wound makes me want to defecate

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