Above the law

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust

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Who saves America?
Who saves ?
Nos vamos ???
Nos vamos ???
Filho da puta ???
{speaking Spanish}

So, as I start my journey
I plant my seeds
And let the world know KM.G
I sag upon the west
Put fools to rest
The heater in my hand
With Above the Law on my chest
And I keep serving
Up my homie K-Oss in the Chevy keep swerving
And all we hear is them humps in the night
Ain't no other crew 3 wheel?

Cause if we have a bad day
You better leave us alone
Cause we be saggin', creased up with the biscuits on
If you don't know, now you'll soon get it
We'll leave you shorter than the California deficit
Or we gettin' along, hell no
Cause I'mma break your jaw
Til you can rap no more
Cause nowadays fools in the industry think they are G
Because they get props from Donnie Simpson or Bill Bellamy

All I wanna know is you on my team
Or I'm like cheech, baby, in nice dreams
Smokin' herb to the curb, rolling around in a truck
With a fifth of Hen not giving a fuck
Took ya gat in my seat
Respond with the phone call from this beep
My playa 7Up told me he ain't down with these fools
I told him well he was a part of the ATL sound

Yeah, we started rapping 6 years ago
And from the way it looks we gots this strong mo'?
We get the props from the drop-tops
Like straight bear down from L.A. to Oaktown
Cause see it's year after year
And jam after jam
All the way back to Murder Rap
Up to Black Superman
So no radio
Or no video show
Can label you the head honcho

Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust

Straight giving you a taste of the realness
How 3 young playas put in work for the cause
Let me pause
And I'mma say God bless
Cause only he knows what was
Or how could we ever get
187 at you with the wickedness
I can't help it if the shoe fits
I keep spitting them hollow points straight at your dome
To let you know how much you sell?

So give me a call when you wanna get physical
Leave it up to me
I'll hit your ass mental, uh
And break a back bone or two
I'm willing to pull an all nighter with you and your crew
So saddle me up and get ready to ride
Gangsta slow slide
Pimp Clinic pride
Yeah, we got paper to tend, too
And I don't wanna know how many rappers you been through

Yo, cause every year it's a new crew
Claim they got the voodoo
And on top you being tossed by 'em, too
Yo, I hate to be the one here to quit her
Searching for the glamour and the glitter

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