Above the law

Mee Vs My Ego

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Do you know what it's like to be addicted to funk
Ya see black is my religion and my status is drunk
I've been appointed to be hated by alot of them
We can't go no where, they say the gang is to evil
So right about now
I think i'll jump back and kiss myself
But when i look in the mirror
I think i'm somebody else
I start shaking and trembling
As reach for the door
There's a loaded 45 on the floor
Ya' see my names kevin
Over there is my G
Thats my motherfucking ego
I thinking he's bigger than me
The nigga goal in life
Is to gank for the giving
Selling Ki's as he skeezes
Smacking ass on bitches for a living
Now to the G'ster life is to quick
Writing rhymes with my niggas
Getting paid for it
Now it's a trip how a quite ass player like me
Will take a dose of the chronic turn to KMG
Straight cussing and busting, pillin caps, smoking weed
I'm the nigga in the alley
What's your want? what you need
Maybe speed, coke, ice, crack or maybe water
And if ya ends are short
I'll give ya' a G for your daughter
Cause sometimes i think a gun will do the solving
I talk to my niggas in the click
We got the same problems
Straight trippin myself
I have to ask
Or is just my ego haunting me from the past

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