Above the law

Why Must I Feel Like Dat

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Ya'll nigga gonna get though man
I love that

Why must I feel like that

Cause i'm known as a mac
Yo, i'm always out to get my stack on
So you can buy my funk or you can leave it alone
Once again you've been invited
To get into a loc'd out G mode
But first past me a cold 1-87
Spark the shit up like some good old thai weed
It's like he's giving you what you need
And for you upty upty motherfuckers
Who think you're pulling away
Im'ma give you little something to make you rethink your drink

I pledge allegiance to the motherfucking industry
It tis' the season to be G'ing
And im'a give you the remedy
ATL pimp gang never flossing
West coast, cali funk
Cause im'ma straight tossing
The hip hop industry
I know who's doing a robbing ya
Quick to taste ya dick while the G's still mouthing
Shit, it ain't no motherfucking questions
The ghetto still rowdy so a nigga learned a lesson

Just let the hoe sing
Shut up and let the hoe sing
Shut up and let the hoe sing
Just let the hoe sing

Why must I feel like that

See a P-funk tape wakes me up every morning
Then I think to myself that music is now boring
If you don't dance then you can't ranch i'm a sucker
Atleast I stay true to my fans motherfucker
You ever try to bust to a gangsta type slow flow
Bump an ATL demo, no
Because are house is a lawfully ghetto bound
Vocally pimping the black mafia sound

When I was born, I was born to be a righteous brother
But I ran into to many people that were wicked motherfuckers
So and eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth
It's all about the player with the most juice
Cause when I get it, I got it
See it's mine is
When a nigga wanna keep
Some drop the fools that wanna make a deep
Stay all up on my dick
For hoe a nigga bring it
Cause since your all on my dick
Just let my hoe's sing it

(shut up and let the hoe sing)
Just listen to my hoe sing
Shut the shut the fuck up, huh
And let the hoe sing

Why must I feel like that

Cause I guess to ATL is much more potent
Than the tom dick and harry
Yo, cause its hereditary
It's too much, too little, too late
For me too try again
Thats why I play to win
And for the fool the punks that roll up and fox's
Step to fuck with my clip
Before I have to pull out my Glock
Or 1 of my niggas have to loc up in glasses
And we dove out the late ground nigga out ya asses
Cause i'm a real G
And my name means murder in the worst degree

Ya' see
All these suckers who were standing on shakey ground
They say they from my hood
Now tell me how that sound
Here's a violent soloution
A little vocal prostition
From the law house gang
I can be a generous pimp
Or a dangerous mac
I gave a bitch 7 ki's
She gave the motherfuckers back
And for the hoe's
"champagne dreams and caviar wishes"
And for my homies
More bitches more bitches more bitches

Kmg just let the hoe's sing
Total kaos, go-mack just let the hoe's sing
U.S.C whats up and let the hoe's sing
Let the hoe's sing
Shut up and let the hoe's sing
Just let the hoe's sing
Lawhouse, lawhouse let the hoe's sing
ATL rings

Why must I feel like that

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