Genius Freestyle 005

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Ayy, what's happening? Audio Push, you know me
Behind the lens is Oppi, you cannot provoke me
You cannot threaten the kid, straight coming
All day I'm wrecking her ribs like Adam and Eve
Came in like, "Fuck a kid"
You know what's up with this
Beating all you rappers ain't on my bucket list
'Cause I already did that shit soon as I walked in
Came with Rob Markman, nigga don't start sparking
All I got is trees, y'all niggas know that I'm off it
All here on the east coast, niggas is coffins
Laying in them, off top, I'm staying in 'em
That means my own clothes, my own hoes
I'm laying with 'em
Hold on... I don't lay with nobody, the boy is married
25 years old, I kick it how I'm scary
Kick it so cold, don't have to carry over, carry over
Swear, my niggas, you will get buried, hold up
I'm really freestyling so sometimes I mess up
But that's what happens when you nice as fuck
Nigga don't come up
To the kids, no no
From the I.E. 90951, that's the album
Don't try me, hold up, hold up, hold up
Independent flows we kicking
You know this shit ain't written
You know this shit so cold
You know this shit so given
I take half of my jacket off and bring it back up
Just to show you that this shit off of my head
Don't make me act up, hold on

And then he take the beat, he drop it
And when he drop it, I pick it up, hello I'm Oktane
You know just how I do it, I'm over you, helicopter
This is exactly what I'm doing, listen to your doctor
That is me, I give you medicine, it's nothing better than
I am Heaven sent with this lyric shit
Let me get my mind right, get my vibe right
Yeah the time's right
You know exactly what it is and there's the limelight
On here with the Genius
You know you with the meanest
Cleanest youngin' to do it, get off my penis
Would say the D word, but I don't need that
'Cause I don't gotta use cuss words, I'm very clean, yeah
You know exactly how I do this, every time off the top of the mind
You know this whole game is mine, you out of time
That's Price, I'm Ok, we ain't gon' ever stop
You know just what it is, we finna do it 'til we pop

I'm still going, still going, we just flip off of each other
'Cause that's my fucking dog, that's my motherfucking brother
I shouldn't even have to say it, we met at fucking Clement
I'm just getting started now I've reached my limit, hold on
Raising the mic, um, they call me Price, um
My fucking dad, uh, just got life, but
It's all good, I'm still screaming out, "Free him"
'Cause if you look me in the mirror and you know you don't wanna be him
See them shoes? You can't fill them
See my fucking soul? I'm Black, proud, can't kill him
Hair nappy as fuck, I got lint in it and still I'm grilling
Said I'd take my jacket off, now I got one sleeve off
Nigga you don't need y'all
We do not need y'all
Independent, got T with us, got Jen with us
Savoy with us, their noise with us
The bros with us, the hoes with us
The boys with us
Don't make us do it 'cause y'all know that we...
Shit I didn't have nothing to rhyme with that
I'ma just be real with y'all, but I'ma bring the climate back
That mean bring the heat back, that mean bring the cold back
Y'all don't even know Price, y'all don't even know that
Y'all niggas got old raps, y'all niggas got no raps
Y'all niggas is lowjacked, lowjacked, no jack, no jack
New Jack, see me, how I do that
Simply, so cold, I move that
Quickly move like Diddy, I'm old though
Hold on, hold on, I be that boy that be that boy
They call Price, I'm on Genius, going nice
90951 we do this shit so right
I kick it all day fucking long, them niggas can't take away the mic
Hold on, hold on!