Genius Freestyle 018

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Hell yeah it's a stretch, bitch
My dress code got a death wish
So fuck yeah I'ma flex
I'm Goldberg and you're next
It's Shawn Mike off the top, rope
My side bitch love my side stroke, uh huh
A heartthrob, it's a Rob Lowe
And Thriller 2, ‘bout to smash Nicki
Is it Manny being Manny?
Is he playing left field?
Is he getting really handsy?
Is he pulling down her panties?
Is he texting all his homies
That the bitch was wearing grannies?
Do you think that shit is funny?
‘Cause his niggas getting money?
Fall back like a nigga first shot
Swish like a nigga first shot, yeah

Stay driven with a tank on E
48 minutes, game, no sleep
Stay thizzin' like I'm J-Diggs
Never know what late is
Every day I'm living like it's Vegas
Jameis fiending for tons of wins
Ape shit for a dream, my consequence
Days missed, skipping the slumber
Nigga winter to summer
Many riches to sum up
Going back to back
Enter the sandman, gotta give a nigga the boot
Stand pat to the plan, man
Walk like a champion
Every time I step in the booth, break a record or two
Cool with the pressure, views of the future
Losing the presence
No boo-hoo, no boo for regretting
Few screws loose
If the zoo is your setting
And a nigga ‘bout to set it off, kaboom
And I'm ‘bout to bet it all, my due
Situation critical, pivotal be the moment
Live for the life, nigga no
Glow for the moon, be my moment

He was born in 1990 off that 110 & Redondo
Where young niggas get brought up to be bosses and head honchos
So native to my land, but no don't never call me Tonto
Got partners in different places and they're lacing niggas pronto, boy don't
Trip on me ‘cause yeah I'm doing my thang
My beat bang and yeah she love how I swang
It might be your girl, his girl, man it's all the same
Dont want her running loose, cut her off and sucka you should tame
‘Cause they know my click and best believe they know the gang
How we rock and roll and put that boogie with the bang
I'm saying, ayy, it's just a California thang
Every single day I hear ‘em say