Genius Freestyle 021

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Okay death before dishonor was my only mental
Look at my life regretful
Crossed by by the crossroads, I know
Growin' up, boy hardheaded but your bitch knew, ayy
Don't get typical ‘cause I can spot you
Saw soul down when he popped and shot you
Man I just need some mothafuckin' cash before I spaz
See in this life, we all go bad
But hold your breath or you won't move fast
Murpas, I hope you turn my blood into black plague
Might sell my soul on Backpage
Back days
Man I'm groovin' right now in an Escalade
Down memory lane
Hit a hundred on the highway, death it take
Okay catch my drift when you pass away
Catch my past when you pass away
Man rollin' through the guideline
Livin' life up on the sideline
If I fall and shit I might die
You would think this song's a diary
But I wrote this in my part-time
So for the moment, girl it's go time
And for the moment, girl, you hoe-minded
Go like ashes to ashes
I feign my life like, “What happened?”
Don't care like two Glock 40s, shorty
Homie I just might melt with this acid