American Pleasure Club

But not enough to sleep at night

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A row of trash
Sits at the bottom of the fence
The cemetery
On Edmondson
On top, it's flowers
I drive by every hour
Looming, in a dream
It's just enough to keep me chained
My brain's misbehaving
I spend three hours waiting
Staring at my phone
In a giant parking lot alone
Or lying prostrate outside
Menards, lit by truck light
Wanna open my heart
Wanna lay my head in Heaven's arms
How do I know I'm not yet buried
There's just enough to keep me wary
Last few weeks, forever floating
Face down on some highway's shoulder
Swimming in each side street
Throwing glance at every dirty face I see
Or in the tub, face down sobbing
At the truckstop, spitting, vomiting
Enough to keep me tied
But not enough to sleep at night

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