American Pleasure Club

Smoking rock with my angel in milwaukee

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Like all great things, it starts with an ending
The door slams shut and you fall in love again
I'm sicker than I've ever been
And I don't know when it's gonna stop
I'm crying in my car
Parked outside the dog park
I don't know if I can make it
If I don't make it
To Allston for lunch, tell Jeff I'm sorry
I didn't mean it, something came up

In the sweet heat of a dead or dying summer
I'm night-swimming down methadone mile
And ugly crying, I'm trying to call you a ride
Before my phone dies, this is the last time
Later on beneath the unlit sign
Outside the S-Mart
Our stressed out highs collide and separate us
But before you can dive into the shallow black water of my heart
Stomach pangs pull us apart
It's coming at me, like a car in the night
I live and die
In the headlights
I go down sometimes, but they still pay me, baby
I'm graceful when I'm falling, everyone applauding

Come back to life
Before my telephone rings

In the desert, I swore that I was born again
Not in a church, but under neon heaven

You made it hard to have grace
Day after day, from the clinic to the grave

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