Malboros & White Widow

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I'm choosing my
Addictions I keep fooling my
Religious bitches switching up prescriptions
Nooses tied
Now I'm crucified
I won't listen till they spilling guts
But I could give a fuck
I stick it in they butt
Oh now she wants to be my slut
For what?
Just cause you roll the blunt?
Oh no
That ain't how it go
I'm solo
Frozen ghost
I blow smoke
Yeah hoe
Drop it to the floor
Not that ass though
Talking 'bout your life
I want your body
Oddy leave em froze

Pop up then I light up
You fuckin' boys ain't druggin'
Gave up lean and sprite cause
That heroin keeps me duckin'
F*** you know 'bout me woe?
I isolate from all you fuckers
Nine up in the peephole
Been plottin' on you undercover
Uzi roll the spliff up
Pain pills give me hiccups
Don't nothin' make me sicker when I ain't got my fuckin' fix, bruh
Satan resurrected
That evil one king of the 6's
Schizo with depression
PCP laced on my swisher

Walk in the pub drop a stick in her cup
Drop a stick in her butt young nigga going up
Savage loads is the code for the hoes
Double dose for the low
Pint catch it to the dome with the 4
When I ride homicide, $uicide
I call it you gon' die truth in the booths
I exclude, bangers big like Bruce
Fool who is you? Tell me the truth
It's you it's not true, worth of my woes
Flow been worth cold, homi's and bodies
Could ride and fit on my Kawasaki
Asian thottie chugging sake
Highly likely stuffing temples with gunmetal
Reverend rebels speaking heated conversations
Hatin' on me you ain't better than me
The demons in me tweaking candy xanny [?]
F*** you I can't handle it

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