Of Montreal

Faberge Falls For Shuggie

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Those with the golden axe have tried to tell me
That the bird in my chest was dead
But that's never, never, never
She ain't my thug no more, ain't no kind of killer
And she can break them off if she damn well please Just as long as she brings it home to me
(And it's still hot)
Can you touch what i'm saying?
It's like, ooh, did Shuggie do it yet?
(No, wait)
Those with the golden axe have tried to tell me
That the sex in my walk was cotton soft
But that's never, never, never
With question marks in my eye
And your strange name pressed to our lips
We arrived at number eleven
So charged and ready for slavery
I won't take the stage straight, understand
Under capes with dirty cock dragons
I wanna put out so bad
But something bad says the kid's probably right
Are you deflating at the question?
I don't know
Now that the parachute has opened, well
Don't it make you feel good?
Be careful how you touch me
My body is an earthquake
Ready to receive you
Mind's making glaciers
Metals for my soldiers
Let's be like strangers touching for the first time
Skeletal lamping, the controller sphere, false priest

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