Alexia Phillips

Shooting Star

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I never thought that luck would fall my way
(Luck would fall my way)
And every night I thought of you and I prayed
(That you will come to me someday)
I almost gave up all my hopes of you
I never knew that all my dreams would come true
But last night as I looked out my window
I saw a vision that's one in a million

I saw a shooting star
And I made a wish for
I saw a shooting star
I closed my eyes and I thought of you
Now I know that wishes come true
'Cause you came when I wished for you

And now you're always standing by my side
(Always by my side)
And I know it in my heart and mind
(Someone like you is so hard to find)
When I'm looking straight into your eyes
I can see that you'll be forever mine
And each day as I'm thinking about you
I know you'll be there and always will be near