Marika Hackman

Driving Under Stars

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We drove all day pushing hard to beat the snow
We're on our way, a few more hours and we'll be home
In the heat of the city, the snow is never settled
In the moonlight on the palm trees, the forest's cold as hell

On my way...
On my way...

Through the towns, all dressed up in stupid lights
Window down, I'll cut my cheekbones on the ice
It's the time of the season: the cold is unforgiving
But the lamp light on the snowflakes
Life is still worth living

Fa la la la la
We're Coming Home for Christmas on my way
Drive beneath the stars 'cause I would never miss this oh, on my way

Silent night I'll put the radio on loud
The rose turned white, there's a blanket on the ground
Cut my feet on the dashboard, the bells started ringing
And you sleep on the sidedoor, the choir starts to sing

Fa la la la la
The Holly and the Ivy on my way
Driving under stars, my baby is on the backseat oh, I'm on my way
Another half an hour and I'll be back for Christmas on my way
We're driving under stars 'cause I would never miss this oh, on my way