Peabo Bryson

More Than Everything

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Just when I thought my life was over
And that I was through with love
You came along
I found in you something beautiful
And I'll never give it up
You're the reason I go on

You are a dream and I'm dreamer
But I just can't get enough
Cause a dream takes so long
If we should ever use this magic
Where we need it just for love
And what we have made us thought

When we will long
And i see that look in your eyes
I'll realize that you're something wonderful
I can't believe you are so alive
And it seems that love was made just for us

You mean so much to me
More than everything
I never wanted go
And now I'd give the world to you
If i could put it on a street for you
Yes, I would
This is what i mean before
You are everything and more

More than everything to me

Writer/s: Peabo Bryson / Roberta Flack

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