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White wine (Raro)

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I've lost my peace
I'm losing in this game
Although it's not over
I'm done these days
I'm leaving now babe
This war's not over
But I don't wanna fight today
Give me back my peace
Why did you take it away?
I'm tired of your bullshit
I don't wanna play your stupid games
I've lost my peace
And I don't wanna say it again
Leave me alone so I can take it back again

I'm gonna sit back and relax
White wine on my hand
Gonna sit back and drink all day
All worries washed away

That all of this seemed like a dream but it wasn't
That I thought I was happy when I (wasn't)
There are some things I've done I wouldn't repeat
I have to free myself, I have to love myself (even more)
I would not judge you even though you judge me
-I would never hurt you like you're hurting me
That all of this seemed like a dream but it wasn't
Estàs rara, estic raro,
una humana, un marciano,
Se’m nota però u tapo
amb el fum d’un cigarro
Penso en matar-ho, cremar-ho,
enterrar-ho, borrachos discutint al carro,
Oh lord,
Black coffe, sad whisky,
me’l tornes like frisbi,
l’esquivo de rasquis,
tot crazy, mil pastis,
que marxis, que en tornis,
la cami del Madlib
I el CD del Rollin
I el tattoo me’l borris
Oh fuck,

Writer/s: Aiala