Lucy Spraggan

As the Saying Goes

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You stood and cleared your throat
Then every word you spoke
Seemed to fall out of your mouth hit the ground and explode
Something about the truth and that you wanted me to know
I was working all the time and that you hadn’t been alone

You said that you were sorry, how it had been hell

IT hadn’t been at home, cuz you’d been in a hotel
Turned your phone towards me
And I felt the world melt
Cuz I was looking at a picture of you and someone else

Cliched, cliched I know
But it’s hard to give up hope
As the saying goes

It’s better late than never
There’s pride before a fall
It’s better to have loved and lost, than never loved at all
Hearts were built for breaking
If you love them set them free
Times the greatest healer
and what will be will be
I just know that I miss you
And none of it helps
Please come back to me

I walked from the front door to my car
And drove straight to the bar
Sat down
Looked at the scars across my arms
It all came flooding back, like I was sitting in the dark
How quickly I forgot that I had come so far

You were more than this
Said I’d never do it again
Because you said it hurt to see me do it to myself
But that’s all gone now
And you’re not here to help
Because you gave up on me just like everybody else

I wish that I’d been better
The person that you needed
I’m so much better than just sitting here and bleeding
I’m not gonna let this get worse and take hold
I made a promise to myself, and I’ll make it home

Well as the saying goes

They all say I’ll be fine
You’ll barely cross my mind, just give it time
They all say I’ll survive
You’ll barely cross my mind, just give it time