Zachary Richard

Give Me Back My Wings

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Give me back my wings
Take me to the mountain and let me fly again
Higher than the highest cloud
Brushing the face of God
Wanting your love
Longing from above for you

Give me back the key
Though I don?t know if I?m gonna leave my prison
Or close my eyes and make believe
That I am free and all is forgiven
Give it up, no holding on
Let it go, it?s gone away

What did you believe when you said goodbye
Did you think that I would be waiting, waiting for your call
When you hid the truth inside a lie
That I could not believe
I could not believe
I could not believe

Give me just one more chance
Take me in your arms and let me live again
Try to take all my love
Like you took all of my cheating
Two hearts beating as one
Burning in a sun of joy.

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