Luke James


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Here by your side
I let go
I float on to a place where time slows
In all this time
We both know
That what we feel we don't control

(Ah) blow
(Ah) just blow
Natural high

The force
(I love it)
Your secret fire
Got me lit
Our grinding of bodies like
Raging kids, nature is
Fucking unrestrainable
And we know
That what we feel we don't control

(Ah) oh yeah, baby
Just blow
(Ah) running wild, we're in it now, baby
Just blow (baby)
Natural high
So high

We begin to feel the expansion of our minds
No inhibition, no fear to hide
And our senses are magnified
Sweet ambrosia
Your kisses bring me life
Feel my love inside
We enjoy the ride
Until sunrise
That high

Writer/s: Damon Thomas, Harvey Mason, Luke Boyd, James Edward Fauntleroy Ii