Michael Martin Murphey

Cosmic Cowboy

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Burial grounds and merry-go-rounds
Are all the same to me
Horses on posts and kids and ghosts
Are spirits we ought to set free
Them city slicker pickers got a lot of
Slicker licks than you and me
But riding the range and acting strange
Is where I want to be at

I just want to be a Cosmic Cowboy
I just want to ride and rope and hoot
I just want to be a Cosmic Cowboy
A supernatural country rockin' galoot

Lone Star sippin' and skinny dippin' and
Steel guitars and stars
Are just as good as Hollywood and all them boogie-woogie bars
Gonna buy me a vest and head out West
My little Woman and my self
We come to town people gather round
They can't believe my cowboy charm

Now big raccoons and harvest moons keep rollin' through my mind
Home on the range where the antelope play
Is very hard to find
Don't bury me on the lone prairie I'd rather play here alive
I'm headed out west and I'm doin' my best to keep my bronco in four wheel drive

And up is not the way I'm gonna shoot


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