Lucy Spraggan

End of the World

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Sitting in an old bar, in a town the no ones heard of
Everybody’s outside with glasses on staring at the sky

Waiting for the message to arrive
There’s panic all around us
Shouting lord give me a sign
I’ll pour a new whiskey and you sit there drinking your wine
Just like everything’s fine

But this is it, the end of the world
The countdown’s begun
The meteor just flew in front of the sun
And it’s been confirmed
So, turn off the news
I am so lucky to be here with you
No one I’d have preferred
And we’re not concerned
It’s just you and me and the end of the world

The bar is almost empty
People shot off in their cars
But the old man’s in the corner and he’s there still playing guitar
But he’s playing Auld Lang Syne

We put a 50 in the juke box and play our favourite song
And we just start jumping and dancing and singing along
We feel like nothing’s wrong

30 more seconds
That’s when they say we’ll be colliding
I’m sure there’s irony somewhere but we cannot find it
Turn up the music I’ve loved you so truly don’t panic now
We’re alright
Here it comes darling I love you hold tight close your eyes

Well that was it
the end of the world
The countdown is done
The meteor crashed down on earth with a thud
And it was confirmed
So we turned off the news
I was so lucky to be there with you
No one I’d have preferred
And we weren’t concerned
It was just you and me and the end of the world


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