Flying High

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When you looked at me
You had that smile on your face
A smile I don't forget
On a wonderful place
My heart is bouncing fast
Because I love you a lot
You're the one I need
The only one I've got

It feels like yesterday
When you looked me in the eyes
It is like a dream
A paradise
My mom picked me up
You was standing right there
Dreaming of a kiss
We really care

Flying high on the mountains
Flying high over the sea
I'll never let you down, fly with me
Fly away with me

Keep on climbing until you reach the top
I won't let you down, never stop
Remember every step you take
Even a little mistake
Angels keeping you alive
Even if you fake

refrein 2x

Wait for me
You will see
Wait for me
I really love you
Stay with me
I really care
Stay with me...

Refrein 3x

with me...