Sarah Brightman

I Loved You

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It was like a plastic age with plastic tears
A total addiction to the wonder years
I'm a believer was where it's at
He's singing oh Lola lady lay lady lay
She's fixing a hole down on Blue Jay Way
American Pie on your Tupperware
He paints an Andy-Pandy Campbell's tins
Boy's in the jungle on your T.V screen
In tricky-dicky's love machine
We'll take an easy ride and have some fun
On Dylan's Highway 61
In California Dreaming Sun

That was when I loved you, I Loved You

They were the living years of stainless steel,
Praying for time in a fortune wheel
Smooth operator was where it's at

So welcome all of you to the pleasure dome
Of taking a look from the homeless zone
With digital aids in your telephone

That was when I Loved You, I Loved You
I Loved You, I Loved You

Another day in paradise is nice
To Ronnie recession's nice advice
'We suffer from the longest, and one of the worst
sustained inflations in our national history'

So don't you let the sun go down on me
'Coz I wanna break free from your M.T.V
To virtual reality

That was when I Loved You, a shadow from the past
I Loved You, I never dreamed that it would last
I Loved You, You gave me joy you gave me tears
I Loved You, and took away the wonder years

I Loved You . . .

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