The Crabb Family

If God is for Me

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I've seen some valleys
I've walked through darkness
Waded through rivers of grief
Oh the enemy told me
That I was forsaken
No one was fighting for me

But I didn't make it this far on my own
Though often my strength is all gone
The hands of the Savior keep holding me up
His promise of help is my song

If God is for me
Who can stand against me
No weapon shall prosper
When God's on my side
If it's just me and Jesus
I (still) can't be defeated
When my God is with me
I've got the victory
Every time

He may be calling
For you to follow
To places you think you can't go
And people will tell you
That you'll never make it
And you can't win this fight all alone

But if it's a choice to trust or to doubt
Just remember what He's always done
Say He's never failed me and He never will
And the battle's already been won


Writer/s: Sue C. Smith, Caleb Collins

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