I Remember Now

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"Dr. David, telephone please
Dr. David, telephone please
Dr. Blair, Dr. Blair, Dr. J. Hamilton
Dr. J. Hamilton"
News Broadcast:
"...the Soviets...
In other news the bizarre murders of
Political and religious leaders that have
Shocked this city over the last month
Seemed to have ended as suddenly
As they began
No terrorist groups ... responsibility
For the slayings but police have a
Suspect in custody under observation
In a state hospital.
His identity is being withheld pending
Further investigation.
Sports and weather next..."
"It's ten minutes past curfew
Why are you still up?
Hello? Hello?
Perhaps you need another shot
Ah, that should do it
Sweet Dreams, you bastard"
"I remember now, I remember how it started.
I can't remember yesterday,
I just remember doing what they told me?
told me? told me? told me."