Living Proof

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Rose gold centerfold
Passed through in a teary haze
Patience paid off, sweet girl
With time enough to savor the weight
Lifted like soaked clothes
From a shivering frame

And held open for the sun to refresh
Fragile, finally able to rest

Look at you
You're living proof

Cold years leading up
Clawing at padlocked gates
No effortless incantation
Every month you dug your nails
Deeper and deeper in
Until they finally gave way

Never in your interest
These endurance tests
Instead of guiding through
The doctors second guess

Which path is right for you?
Like you're nothing less
Than living proof

Baby they may not stop trying
To beat you blue
But now you've got something
That nobody can ever

Take from you
You're living proof

Writer/s: Cassia Hardy, Jamie McLean, Matthew Gooding, Holly Greaves, Mason Pitzel