Lucy Spraggan

Love Is the Best Revenge

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It was always me, myself and my guitar
Pulling dreams out the backseat of my car
I’d play to 15 people in a basement in a bar
But that’s a start
Yeah that’s a start

I wrote a song that got me out of there
The town that looks much better in the rear view mirror
I could hear them singing as I disappeared
It broke my heart
Yeah it broke my heart

They said I wouldn’t make it on my own
But they don’t get to write the end
I’m just here to say I told you so
And love is the best revenge
I’m in love with it all again

Everybody had the best intent
I didn’t think I’d make so many friends
The type of friends that love you then never see you again

They tried to make me something that I’m not
Well, that’s all that they wanted and it’s all they got
Tell me if there’s parts of this that I forgot
Sing it out
Sing it out

Sometimes you have to take the long way home
You have to lose yourself to know you had it all along

When the lights go low
And you scream so loud
That’s when I know

Writer/s: Lucy Honour Ruby Spraggan, Samuel Dylan Murray Preston, Timothy James Deal, LUCY MAYM SPRAGGAN, LUCY SPRAGGAN, SAMUEL PRESTON