Lucy Spraggan

Lucky Stars

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On the ceiling in my bedroom
They would glow up in the dark
I had no idea that you and I were still light-years apart
Well, stars don’t look like that
At least they don’t to me

As I grew older
I noticed less and less
The darkest nights are when the sky can really look its best
And that’s when I saw you as bright as you could be

I thank my lucky stars
That I discovered you
Like the first man on the moon
But you came out the blue
I thank my lucky stars
That you’re so close to me
Like Venus and Mercury
From the darkness to the deep
I thank my lucky stars

Typical of me
I run before I walk
I’m on the moon without my suit
The world’s worst astronaut
I’ll just float with you
In zero gravity

It’s our adventure
It’s only just begun
And you and I can find some time to orbit round the sun
I am never scared
As long as you’re with me

Take my hand, prepare for take off
Don’t look down

Writer/s: Edward Holloway, Lucy Spraggan, Rachel Furner, EDWARD JAMES HOLLOWAY, LUCY MAYM SPRAGGAN