10000 Maniacs

My Mother The War

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she borders the pavement
flanks avenues
the parades pass
white glove attended by
my mother the war
she'll raise a shaft
lift a banner
toss a rose
my mother the war
she knows every neighbor
chats at their doors
econosize electric appliances
come share tea
and a seat by my
cradle with
my mother the war
forsaken vigil
three years each tour
hands of God enfold him
prayed mother of the war
haunt a doorway
beg a postman
is there word
for mother the war
5 black stars
in bitter defiance
she's spitting the corps
wet a brood
short league for combat
my mother the war
well acquainted
with sorrow
with grief
my mother the war
folded lace
carrion and
blood soaked robes
folded lace
blood soaked
my mother the war