Warren Zanes

Sidewalk Sale

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The tubes that get turned on for the red guitar that you
Learned on the records you left me the

Cookbooks the ten-inch TV that radio you found the thing couldn't reach
Downtown I think I've had my fill so if you want the stuff still you're
Gonna see it in a sidewalk sale old

Boxes and broken chairs strangers can take this stuff away you're gonna
See it in a sidewalk sale on the lawn, a sunny day you're gonna see it
In a sidewalk sale someday

Your face when you'd wake up schemes that you'd always take up the way
That you stood on the pedestal you were put on the moons you brought
Around the stars that you

Pulled down the spaces that you fill and though I want the stuff still
You're gonna see it in a sidewalk sale if every room that I walk through
In this place could be packed up

Box by box I'd have a pile that reaches into space you're gonna see it
In a sidewalk sale and I'll be taking the money there strangers can take
This stuff away


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