The Crabb Family

Sister, Play That Tambourine

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God's people stood there trembling
On the banks of the mighty Red Sea
They cried we better get moving
They're coming after you and me
Moses then stepped forward
And held that rod up high
He said, fear not, stand still
God is on our side

And the water parted right before their eyes
They crossed on over to the other side

Sister play that tambourine, there's victory in the camp
Pharaoh's been defeated, sing your song, let's dance
Honor, praise and glory to our King on high
Who brought to us salvation when we should have died
Sister play that tambourine there's victory in the camp

If you take a stand for Jesus
Your faith is sure to be tried
You'll have your share of troubles
That'll rob your peace of mind
But hold on to the promise
That has stood the test of time
When he said, fear not, stand still
I am on your side

Overcoming joy will fill your soul
If you feel a halleluiah, let it go


Writer/s: Jason Crabb, Gerald Crabb

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