Clay Crosse

No fiar

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Flipped on my TV
Images come to me
Looks like a world gone wrong
Turned on my radio
No, it's another joe rock star just selling songs
We've got quick fix automation
Another generation
Excellent at falling down
And a covetous inertia
Know it's getting worse
You know one day it's all gonna burn to the ground

If the river don't flow
And they all run dry
And stars start falling from the sky
Whatever (happens to me
It is well with my soul)
Well, I have no fear
Because I know
That my God rules
He's in control forever

Street corner prophet
Yeah, he's been talking
About the end of time
And I don't doubt it
Cause I read about it
All in Revelation 9
They say we're in a desperate condition
Pass the ammunition
Got to keep yourself alive
I say go protect your acre
I'll go meet my maker
He holds forever
And I'm never gonna die


Don't fret up your soul
And vex up your mind
Heed the rhythm
Cause its right on time
What's you gonna do when the world's on fire
Clings to things that will expire?
Run to the Lord, heed the word
Be a doer of the things that you heard
Many troubles dem a come
In the life down here
But me going up higher
So have no fear
Are you gonna cry
When it all comes down?

No! No! No!
Are you gonna die
When it all comes down?
No! No! No!
Are you gonna fly
When it all comes down

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