Johnny Mathis

On A Clear Day (You Can See Forever)

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There are times in our lives when
we feel that the whole world is
against us, that we really aren't
worth anything at all..
This is the time when you need to
Take time for yourself..
On a clear day....take time to count
your blessings
On a clear day....realize what you
mean to others
On a clear day....realize what others
mean to you
On a clear day....look at all the
beauty on earth
On a clear day....find the beauty
in yourself
God put us all on this earth for a purpose
On a clear day....
Take the time to find what that purpose is
On a clear day, and every day
We are all "special"
each in our own way
Take the time to find out who you really are
You will find , I am sure, that you will
Outshine every star....
On a clear day!

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