Sarah Brightman

Once in a lifetime

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Let me dive in,
To pools of sin
Wet black leather on my skin
Show me the floor
Lay down the law
I need to taste you more


Then I feel your sea,
Raining down on me
Can this be my Once In A Lifetime?
H***'s at heaven's doar
As I need you more
You know you're my Once In A Lifetime

When you take me,
You make me cry
Then I feel you satisfy
Show me the cage,
It's all the rage
Then lock it up

Refrain #2

Found a part of me,
that's a mystery
That will be just Once In A Lifetime
When the moon is high,
Passion never dies
Will you want me for all a Lifetime

Once In A Lifetime (3x)

Giving you my soul,
Letting you control,
Took away a part of my Lifetime
Memories of you,
Left me black and blue
Now I know you're Once In A Lifetime

Both Refrains

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