Part II

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o great father Satan, reveal thy mystery to me
I devote my existence to praise thee
lead me on thy path to infinity
come forth demise!
what sweet revelation do you bring?
this is the end of everything
this is the bottomless betrayal
time flies and life passes by
forever determined and stuck to the dirt
thou art desire
thou art nothing
reflecting the illusion of light
in agony
a glimpse of passion
manoeuvring through the twilight
of a dying god
Sagittarius A* Creed:
We must rape this pure gift of God - the evolution of man - by reaching out beyond His consecrated ground!
We must seek the entrance to Satan's time-and-space-consuming paradise, the anti-utopian perfection!
We must face the Eden-paradoxon, we must transcend logic into faith on the pathways through the event-horizon
Acknowledge holy singularities and recreate balance within a dualistic eternity!
ye shall leave no trace
but measures and obstacles behind
a final rearrangement
turning the lights
once and for all
this imprisonment is for those
divided from the true will
are trapped by time
enslaved puppets on a string they are
the power of the "I" fades
es ist vorbei
come forth demise
what sweet revelation do you bring?
o mighty black ships of time
lead these men to destination
where their spirits will be fed
to the lowest of the demons
flickering lights
all senses alerted
like hot wire
vibrating up in the skies
electric sparks
becoming flames
floating like sulphur
through the veins of the so called saints
off from grace we fall
o mournful souls
a cruel but yet delightful scenario
Nursery Rhyme:
mother's in the tomb,
mother's in the tomb,
father is taking all life away
... and time keeps on marching
marching on and on!
o passion, o magnificent sin
dwells and dwells from deep within
like an ever overflowing growth
giving lifeless birth
giving an impotent kind to Him
out of the abyss
up on earth - thy soil
then the garden for those who can withstand
o cruel gardener lead this flock into flames
infernal stench shall inherit the world
o mighty kosmos, o great consumer
lift your mask and reveal thy ultimate principle
duality... trinity
multiplicities... cycles... clarities...
once and forever - reap us all
our comrade in nothingness
above time, above all
we are one
dance! dance to our song
build formations
and deconstruct again
you're figures in this eternal play
can you hear the sound of chain-bound hearts
beating like a slavedrum
what immaculate bliss lies in the sovereignty of the elitist soul
dancing in union with the neither-not
naked and bare of all reason
we fall... we fall...