Young Money

Pass the Dutch

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Lil Wayne
Too many women, and not enough time
I'm a cool cat but I'm on life nine
Pimping ain't dead cause I be the life line
And I don't buy the bar cuz it don't sell white wine
Gon' let that light shine
Ballin' for a life time
Smoking on that nice pine, Weezy baby flight flyin'
You can call him your husband
Call me at night time
And even though women change
I will always like dimes
And yeah I'm quite fine, but shawty much finer
And I just get behind her
And smack it like E Honda
And please don't hate on me
When you see me with Kiana
Cause she wilder than Nirvana
And colder than your honor
Holla at your boy manana
Maybach come wit a recliner
Run up on it and shit will get uglier than an iguana
This is only a reminder it's Young Money don't forget it
And I'm Weezy F baby you might find it on a titty
Would you...

(Chorus x2)
Short Dawg
Pass me the dutch with cha left hand
I got the whole club nodding like the yes man
I'm in my polo Tee, Gucci sweat pants
She on a Jubilee call me the X-man

Short Dawg
Chilling with my posse
Bout to call some ladies over
Tell em this is YME so when you come you can't leave sober
You would think she came with buttons by the way that I control her
Put her on a tab now she rolling like a baby stroller
I'm the freshest niggas seen
Whippin in my jeans
Shoot ya lights out I'm, like bredick with the beam
Life a game of chess, and I'm headed for your queen

Now my stomach and my thighs
Wat her head is in between (eww)
And she wetter than a stream, I drink medicine to lean
Keep a cup in my hand like I'm begging for some cheese

I fall off in the party
Yeah I'm kinda tardy but if I hated triple riding on em like a Harley
Look you call it getting married, I call it acting selfish
My belt got G's on it like a Packers helmet
And I'ma hit it if you bring your girl around
But the weed is like my collar cause I might just turn it down
If you...

(Chorus x2)

Gudda Gudda
Okay tool on deck (deck)
I'm new born fresh (fresh)
I knock your friends down (down)
And you going next (ha)

Young money fly
Nigga all the bitches after me
Murder in the bed and you gon' be my next casualty
Automatic stick, but I give it to her manually
I'm giving dick all year round and you can get it annually

Styrofoam feel
With a strawberry fanta treat
Leaning I'ma need a kick stand to stay on my feet
Get out ma bidness like I kicked ya out my office
I ain't worried about the price, I'm more concerned with offer

Fresh to death like I got dressed in the coffin
With a party in my pocket
Blue and red dolphins
I'm high as a motherfucker
Let me do my thing bitch I'm doing me
And your girl doing the same shit

I'm in the car getting head
As I lane switch, Do-Double G I do my thang bitch
Now you can...


Uhh, Ok I told you catch up
Did you make a mill yet?
I can't predict how many of em I can still get
October own that's such a fuckin' real set
No tatts but the ink of my money still wet

Life is such a beach, it's sandy all around me
I came here with young money man, that's family all around me
I'm in my living room and I got Grammys all around me
And famous bitches doin' nose candy all around me

Welcome to the life
The life that's meant for me
My Bentley has a tint so you got to squint to see
I holla'd at your girl that's when she went with me
But please don't blame yourself cause it just wasn't meant to be

They say I'm one of the illest
That's just off from first impression
And my cards always accepting
I don't deal well with rejection

I look in the dictionary
And don't see the word recession
I don't smoke in public
But tonight ill make an exception so just...

(Chorus x2)