A Forest Of Stars

Raven's Eye View

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I won't just steal your thunder
I'll have your lightning as well
As crushing blow of hammer
Annihilating those grating steeple bells
As hairline cracks to fragments!
Standing up on high, spraying golden rain
Down on to the waiting faces
Of you pious, worthless swine

Hear my sermon splashing down all around you, children
We would not even waste one single match
On you trough-fed, hook-lined, soul-sunk bottom-feeders
Never mind chapter and so-called verse
I shall instead content myself with loosing my bowels upon you
To drown your herd in a flurry of slurry
Soul starved bodies crushed, throats stuffed with my falling angels

Yours, in mocking memory!
After all, you are only worthwhile as fertilizer
To the gallows with your lack of humour!
You, who do not play well with words!

Hammer blow upon hammer blow
Hammer blow upon hammer blow
Upon Eternity's Anvil!