Who Run It (Freestyle)

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Who run it
Road Runners run it, aye
Who run it

Gang shit
Look, who they think they ahead not us
Pull up i8 bet the doors let up
Road runnin' cross the map bet the check put up
Yeah that boy be drippin' Givenchy or some
Landed in the A, from the Raq for the summer
Fuckin on yo bitch, pull her hair out or some
Bout to cop X6 it ain't fair, look
Imma spin that bitch real fast, aye

Moved to the A now ain't trippin' bout n****s better go secure that bag or some
Flew to New York for a week I was coolin inna clubs with stars n strippers I'm stuntin
Ran to that sack in balenciaga runners, looking like that boy run track or some
Call up Tae yeah he just did a show checked a bag, yeah a quick lil 20 or some
Juice WRLD gang, all these girls are the same, what a blessing sign a deal 3 Ms in a month
Live off a man no I never can't stunt, but we do it for the gang split the check with RoadRunners
Tryna make a 100 this month, lay low all winter fuck up Louis this summer imma stunt
Inna back of the foreign smoking real big blunts, got the stash for the pipes lil n***a how you coming

I been hitting bitches since I was in strollers
I might play games with a bitch like controllers
The money it stay on my line Motorola
Fuck in the whip got her body bent over

Tryna put the VVs every where, Mike Amir trying to get me a pair
But don't worry it's coming I swear, Imma stay on my grind why they scared?
I'm the nigga with DHaze, who stay with a whole lot
And these bitches gone talk I don't care about em
Glizzy say bro pull up at the lot, Bout to face us some woods while we count these knots
But the fact I been up but they lost for thoughts, every hit that I make it'll make them chalk
I get high and just losing my fuckin' thoughts, cause this life that I live yeah you know it cost

Look, all of these racks and they fallin right out of my pocket
Look, all of these niggas be hatin' impatient ain't worried I'm ready to pop it
Aye, I know if I sleep they'll be waitin on me tryna hop in my dreams tryna stop it

Had to pick up the pace, had to switch up the state, man these niggas ain't making no profit

Me and KD we rolling up weed we coolin we landed in Cali
I don't fuck with lean these niggas be feigns my mama keep telling me stop it
I'm coolin' with Dream we all in the club we boolin we threw like a hunnid
I got to stay clean my swag kinda mean I'm rocking Balenci's they runners, aye
Who run it

Writer/s: Luka