Johnny Mathis

Ring The Bell

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Verse: I woke up late this morning, the future had no charm,
I noticed my alarm clock wasn't wownd
The door bell and the phone were disconnected
And people I expected weren't around.
So I said to myself: "There's a reason ? a song doesn't sing by itself.
A bell doesn't ring by itself.?

It's a glorious sound, people gather around
And start to cheer and the cheers start to swell,
Don't hide your head in a trough!
Just get up and "haul off? and RING THE BELL!

Dreams that dwell in the back of your eyes: they'll materialize
If you get up and get out of your shell!
You can't depend upon fate - or your height - or your weight
There's a grind stone for your nose,
There's a tree top for your toes! Don't stay home and decompose,
Just get out and get going -- where a Go-Getter goes!

Who can tell - if you've missed a few meals?
If you're down at the heels, Put on a "well-to-do? look. - You'll do well!
When it's a crime to get up, That's the time to get up and RING THE BELL! And it's like I always say: "Don't do anything half way?
There's a time for work and play.
Don't put off til tomorrow what you can do today!
When it's time to get up, That's the time to get up!
Why it's simply absurd how much a wide awake look can compel,

When it's a crime to to get up, that's the time to get up,
When it's a crime to get up, That's the time to get up and RING THE BELL!

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