Jr Writer


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J.R. Writer:]
Ma I'm Wat you Been Missin In Ya Life
You Been Missin In Ya Nites
Plus I'm Lookin 4 Wat you Call A Ms. For Mr. Right
Ma Make you Look, Look Again Then Whisper To Me Like (J.R.)
Shush No More Bickerin And Fights
Here's Ya Ticket For Ya Flight
Out Of Town No More Ghettos
Brown And Red Pebbles And Ya Round Toe Stelletos
Hop In Da Roof Ball Around Wit A Rebel (J.R.)
I ain't Tryna Crown you A Settle
I'm Just Lookin For A Date To Da Mall
L Can Take To Da Bar
You Can Call Me Sensational are
Stick Wit Me 4 A Day, Ma I'll Make you A Star (J.R.)
You ain't Neva Met A Playa Dis Hard
They Just Love Da Way I'm Playin My Cards
So I Stay Wit A Broad
Her And Her Friend Want A Straight Up Menage
So We All Skate To Da Car
Interior Got Her Saying (J.R.)
So I Guess I'm Headin To Da Telly
Down Da Fdr New Carrera On Parelly's
I'm Tryna Put Her And Her Friend Together On They Bellies
Its Me And y'all, y'all And Me Forget who's On Da Celly (J.R.)
Dats Wat you Gon Be Screamin Through Da Walls
Damn They don't Even Hear you Screamin Through Da Walls
Itz Gon Be Like Somethin you ain't Dream About before
Somethin you Can Gossip 4 A Week About I'm Sure

I'm Slick Ass Da 70's
Chicks To Da Left Of Me
And To Da Right Of Me
Da Kid Just Like Xtacy
All On Da Brain, Got Her Callin My Name (J.R.)

[Nicole Wray:]
I Want To Be In Your Arms
I Want You To Say you Love Me
I Want To Feel Your Prescence Oh Baby, Baby

[J.R. Writer:]
You Can Neva Catch Da Kid On A Bird Chase
Da Guys Ot His Lips On It
Its Not a lot Chicks I can't Hit On Da First Date
Aim For Da Ones Who don't Kiss On First Date (J.R.)
Be Da One 2 Give Her Her First Taste
Blown Like It Was Her Birthday
But I'll Take It Slow (Why)
'cause Dat Diva There don't Kno J And Mo
I'll Make Her Take It Low, Next Minute Sayin Whoa (J.R.)
Baby Bro, Take It Slow
Iight Listen Boom, I'll Just Play It Smooth
Find Her A Bathin Suit, Jacuzzi In Da Livin Room
Procrastinating, I Kno Dat Imma Hit It Soon
But Its Okay To Procraste
Pimp Hand Strong, Poor Some Rose In Da Glass
To D Point Where Everything Dat I Say Make Her Laugh
Next Minute She'll Want Me To Roll Play On Her Ass Like (J.R.)
Come Roll Play Wit Me Fast
She don't Kno Wat Type Of Sex That We Bout To Do
Play A Cop, Cuff Her To The Bed Like A Criminal
She'll Say Damn I don't Think I Can Eva Get Rid Of you (J.R.)
I Want you 4eva Wit Me. True
You Must Love Da Way I Do These Step Dance
So Cool Old School Gucci Sweatbands, Gucci Sweatpants
Da Groupioes Left Chyeah (J.R.)

[Nicole Wray Chorus Till End Of Song]