Sarah Brightman


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I was sad and i was silent
In shadow of my soul
Ever seeking the horizon
For promises untold
I dreamed of silent oceans
And i sang of waters blue
With the crossing of angels
Brought forth to guide me through
To a distant shore so welcoming
Where i was free to roam
To a land of ancient mystery
That i could call my own
This is me and you
And we are running
To change the world
Where hope is shining through
Gaya’s green and blue
And we are running
To save the world
That we're about to lose
We'll be running
Watch it coming
Green is shining through
Love is rising
Worlds colliding
Green is shining through
Can you hear the distant beating
Of passion born of old
Reaching out to far horizons
Of prophecy untold
I will wander through the desert
I will seek you in my hand
In the silence of shadows
In palaces of sand
Then a voice called from the wilderness
Whose spirit held the key
To a world and soul united
Forever strong and free.

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