Slow Poke Music

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Y'know the joint was jumping like a dancing fool
I saw you standing in the corner looking oh so cool
I had a word with the DJ to make the music hot
I'm gonna get you on the dance floor if you're ready or not
Slow poke music, I'll get you down to the bone
Slow poke music, I'll never leave you alone
When you move it to the left or you shake it to the right
No matter what you do, babe, it's like dynamite
With your sweet French perfume an' that criminal walk
Y'know you melt my ice cream with your body talk
I'm gonna shake you down, girl, I won't do you no harm
Well you move so fine, like stepping on glass
An' when you gimme that smile I see lightning flash
East and west, north an' south
Babe, you're so hot I'm gonna melt in your mouth

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