A Forest Of Stars

Sorrow's Impetus

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Awoke from typhlotic silence
Awoke from mind inearth
Conscious enveloping, sick feat over
To the shock of the white-coated
I returned undefeated
From whence others fear to tread
Time to fling another barrage at desideratum
Last rites retracted

So I'm trying to remember where I was
When I lost sight of the flickering sun
Perhaps to recall the beginning of
The downfall of it all
The rainbow drain-bowed
Ember's colour became as grey
On the day when perspectives lengthened
When what had seemed before to be so far away
Became to me so shockingly, starkly, clear
Face down in ash, choking in frenzy
Soon to become a meal for the many
As smiling eyes to glittering ice
Worm voices rising through all this putrefaction
Awaiting loss in less than resignation
To finish the start a tempting frustration
Fully expecting subterfuge, in a place of no refuge
No last chances for this sleighted hand
Away, away, lying through the last stand
Dead heat, soul on ice, all wishes wasted
Dreaming pure horror

Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie

Painting out cracked windows of the soul
In misty midnight black
Serrated blades of silver hatred
Ragged cuts pissing blood
Torn through gossamer thin desire
All hope and fear feeding funeral pyres
Whatever passed for colour
Has now passed on

Spider amongst the bar flies
Sinking sorrows as oceans rise
And fallen angels fall further!