A Forest Of Stars

Starfire's Memory

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Dusk, she is the calming influence
Making ends meet in a place of concentric corners
She cleanses these gutters with her utmost purity
Onrushing dark leaves your false light lonely
Her frozen kiss devoid of apology
Setting cleansing fires to guide the rest of us through the night by
When we once again arrive in struggling shine of dawn
Memories of her ice shall gird us on our way

For all the friends we left behind
For lost summers and eyes gone blind
For the kiss of blade on desperate flesh
For light shrouded only in funeral dress
For all tears mingled with bad blood, awaiting sentencing for hearts taken, but not understood
For all mislaid foundation stones
For all smiles cracked wide open
For all beauty turned to ash
For all flames in deluge doused
For all fear all encompassing
One for sorrow
Two to destroy