A Forest Of Stars

Summertide's Approach

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As water rushes, as sewer grates over-faced
All bloated corpse, all ever-was
As love becomes hated, as light shades to grey
Swelled to envelop all ever-nothing
All stagnation becomes all too apparent
As horizon forced below
While smiling frown, while laughing weep
As mould grows thickly, silently all around

As scream becomes whimper, under weight of shroud befouled
All clamour now silence, nature leagues below
Let's see you fight with lungs full of stone!
Hope all forgotten, beauty as beast
All breath to fire
All sustenance to filth
All flesh to rot
All temples to rubble
All toil turns to trouble
All to nothing
All Horror!
All Horror!

Faceless, mindless, souls sold all the way out
Heartless, hopeless, ensnared in useless sorrows
What's the use of all light shining with idiot eyes screwed tight shut?
Profane it all, just tell me, what's the use?

If you're going to use those stupid hands to build an ugly pyre
And truss me up there by mob-hoofed force
I'll be wanting more than just a penny
More than just a miserable fucking penny
A miserable pox-ridden penny for the guy
I could hurl a thousand curses
And not one could gift you fair judgement
So crack out those ten-a-penny lighters
And spark up your miserable flames