10000 Maniacs


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Frail hinges pivot
On a case's door
Souvenirs from places
Containers change with occasion
Cellophane encased
Displaying paper
Credit years of service
A tool of central enterprises
The early hope
For permanence
The words the rings
Social security
The miracles high tragedy
A thought mistaken for a memory
Dress lengths assassinations
Fractured family ties and christenings
Local posts will list your friends
In order of disappearance
Lawn scattered tins feed birds
The portion baked
For absent guests
The mass edition icon
God sent comfort
Your salvation
But who grants absolution
For sins that never were committed
Tension makes a tangle
Of each thought becomes
Sound never penetrates
The servile edges break and faint
A thought mistaken for a memory
Clear the dust
From smiles in boxes
Pass the patterned wall
Recall their voices

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