Johnny Mathis

The Folks Who Live On the Hill

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Many men with lofty aims strive for lofty goals
Others play at smaller games, being simpler souls
I am of the latter brand, all I want to do
Is to find a spot of land and live there with you

Someday we'll build a home on a hilltop high
You and I, shiny and new, a cottage that two can fill
And we'll be pleased to be called
'The folks who live on the hill'

Someday we may be adding a thing or two, wing or two
We will make changes as any family will
But we will always be called
'The folks who live on the hill'

Our veranda will command a view of meadows green
The sort of view that seems to want to be seen
And when the kids grow up and leave us
We'll sit and look at that same old view, just we two

Darby and Joan who used to be Jack and Jill
The folks who like to be called
What they have always been called
'The folks who live on the hill'

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