Lucky Soul

When It's Over And Done, Then It's Gone (Bonus Track)

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If a tree falls when we're in the forest and comes down upon us, like hammer on nail, who will notice, bat even an eyelid? If you knew what I did, then why would you care? If the banks burst while we're by the river and I can't deliver the things that I said, if my heart fails and with it my promise, if we're being honest, I'm better off dead. Life can never be all that you long for it to be, symmetry and time ain't best friends, but I'm reluctant to admit that it's over, I won't quit. I'll hang on 'til the bitter end. If the land slides while we're on the hillside my darling I can't lie, I knew it would come. If there's one thing that's sure in this
lifetime, you'll get yours, and I mine, when it's done, then it's gone. When it's over and done, then it's gone, gone, gone. When it's over and done, then it's gone.

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