Where Did We Go Wrong

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It Wasn't My Intention to Cause You This Pain
But Here We Are, a Bridge Too Far
I've Left You Here to Wonder If It All Was a Game
How Can It Be, These Changes in Me
Nothing Lasts Forever, That's True
Take a Look At the World That We Once Knew
Gone Are the Feelings That Once We Could Hold On To

Try to Forgive Me, Find a Way to Believe Me
I'm Hurting the Same Way Too
Oh I Know It's Not Easy, But Baby Believe Me
We've Been Fighting This War Far Too Long
Where Did We Go Wrong
I Tried to Write a Letter, But It's Better This Way
Here in This Place, Face to Face
Let's Not Forsake the Future in View of the Past
So Little Gained and Far Too Much Pain
Trying to Compromise Our Points of View
We Leave Each Other Feeling Blue
Gone Are the Feelings That Once Would Have Seen Us Through
The Simple Truth Is Clear to See
Time to Surrender, Let It Be
There's Nothing Here For Us to Hold On To